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Good Connections:
Four Conversations with Networking Experts

We all want catalysts that will help us speed up our marketing efforts and yield better bottom-line results. Networking groups are a sometimes underrated and often overlooked tool that can help you exponentially increase your exposure.

But the right group is elusive, and even once it’s found, many professionals and top-level executives have difficulty using it properly. Over the past several years, the model has evolved and there are many variations.

Evoke interviewed five network experts and founders, to address some of the issues busy people face in networking.

Each segment runs 5-8 minutes.


Adrian Miller, Author, Speaker, Sales Consultant and Founder of Adrian’s Network

Bruce D. Stout, CPA, President, The Rainmakers’ Forum, Inc.

Fred Klein, Esq. and Nancy Schess, Esq., Partners in the firm Klein Zelman Rothermel and Co-Founders, Gotham City Networking, Inc.

Tam St. Armand, Entrepreneur, Risk Management Consultant and President & CEO, Capstone Global Insurance Brokerage

Part I: Andrea covers the essentials, including what networking is (the answer may surprise you) and common mistakes and misconceptions.

Part II: Andrea explains how you can create a simple system to make your networking efforts pay off in just 30 minutes each day.

Part III: Andrea discusses some tactics you can use both at networking events and when “networking in motion.”

Who Ya Gonna Call? The Most Important Marketing Strategy
for Tough Times

A Conversation with Andrea Nierenberg, Best-Selling Author and President of the Nierenberg Group

Networking is the lifeblood of professional service firms, from law and accounting to consulting of every stripe. Some professionals are natural networkers, while others find the activity awkward or even painful.

Whichever category you fit into, best-selling author and networking expert Andrea Nierenberg has some great tips that will make you better at turning casual acquaintanceships into relationships that can lead to business. She shares some of those ideas with us in a three part interview series.

Each segment runs about 5 minutes.